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Paul meets current owner Ian Binnie from Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Dad's Car - More photos connected with the war story and book

Paul Cheall poses in a mirror image of his Dad's photo from 1936. A WW2 soldier's car, sold soon after Bill was called up. War book, diary and story With my car - Anne Street, Southbank, Cleveland.1936 Morris 10. WW2 soldier.  War book, diary and story Ian Binnie meets Paul. The car was mentioned in Bill Cheall's war diary. Bill was camping with Pals in Devon when war was declared. They had to beetle back up North quickly! Read the book for the full story. 1936 Morris Ten, cost £187 new. Don Savage was the pal camping with Bill. Read more about him on this web site - he was KIA on a Lancaster. WW2 soldier. Bill Cheall's war diary book and story Paul and Ian strike an iconic pose. Ian was chuffed to read about the car in Bill's war diary book from World War 1939 - 45 Youtube vid Radio 5 interview