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Original handwritten War Diary extracts used for Bill's story and book

These original war diary pages were written by Dad whilst in action in the World War 1939-45 and have never been seen before except by family. Parts make gripping reading! Parts of these manuscripts are not even in the printed book.

Diary written on the Queen Mary - World War 2 army book

Dad was on the Queen Mary for three weeks whilst travelling to Egypt:

Page 1

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 2

Dad was in the battle for: 

  • Wadi Akarit, in Tunisia, N Africa, which was also called Operation Scipio

  • Sicily, which was also referred to as the Sicilian Campaign or Operation Husky

Page 6

Page 6a

These notes were written shortly after WW2 soldier Bill was wounded in Normandy, on 30 June 1944.

Page 7

Page 9

Page 8

Diary written shortly after D Day - World War 2 army book

Diary written in Tunisia and Sicily - World War 2 army book

Fighting Through from Dunkirk to Hamburg - A Green Howard's Wartime Memoir - War diary and book - World War 2 army story.
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