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Some poignant updates, news stories and contacts since Dad wrote his WW2 diary and book.

Latest news bulletins on this war diary. Latest updates from families of WW2 soldiers add to Bill's war story

Various e-mails and contacts are received from time to time from visitors to this site which are not directly connected to Bill Cheall's war diary but still relate to his war story.

Read more about this comrade, who was KIA on Gold Beach on D-Day, following contact from Captain Linn's family.

Read more about this comrade, who was KIA after D-Day, following contact from Corporal Shaw's family.


Index of news bulletins on this war diary. More updates from families of WW2 soldiers


Read Wilf Shaw's incredible war story - Wilf is 92 years old!

Read Major Petch's letters home plus his Dunkirk story.


A WW2 soldier's war diary - Bill Cheall saw action at Dunkirk, North Africa, Sicily, First wave on Gold Beach on D Day and Hamburg. He had a Queen Mary voyage to Egypt and was wounded in action in Normandy. 50 Div WW2 soldier. World war 2 diary.

Fascinating hand-picked war stories which I come across from time-to-time. Not connected with Bill's war story.


John Bousfield from Stockton died at the battle of Wadi Akarit. Read more  on John's story following contact from his family. More ...

Jack was the pal from Sheffield who typed out the words to Lily Marlene for Dad. Find out what Jack did after the war. More ...

Bill was camping in Devon with this car when war was declared. Read the story of the poignant discovery of his first car alive and well today! More ...

John Ryan from Southbank died in Sicily. More background on John's story following contact from his family. More ...

Rufty was Allan Hill's nickname. he died by drowning on D Day in France. His nephew, Mike was recently in touch. More ...

Dad was Major Petch's batman around the time of Dunkirk. Find out what he did after the war. More ...

Alfred Decker was the POW Dad befriended in Egypt - learn more about his life after the war.

More on this story ...

Don Savage was a pre-war pal of Dad's. His family have been in touch and provided a wonderful photo of this fine young lad. Read about the crew and Lancaster plane he flew with. More on this story ...

Dad cooked a meal for Monty just after the Sicilian campaign. Find out what the meal was about and who else attended. More on this story ...

Read the story about the brave crew of the plane Don fought and died in - The Lily Mars.