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My first photograph in uniform, aged 22, October 1939. This was our dress uniform in the territorials. Soon after the start of the war we had to hand it in to company stores - we were not going to have much time for dressing up. WW2 soldier story. This photo is the one used for the front cover of the book.

I had been called up 3 months. 16 November 1939, aged 22.


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With wife, Anne who I married after the war in 1948

My last photo in uniform, playing a soldier in Desert Song with Middlesbrough Operatic Society.

When I was stationed at Highcliffe Castle. after Dunkirk. I went to Bournemouth and had this taken. No grey hair, no glasses, good teeth. Oh, and not much money but very fit! 22 years old. July 1940. WW2 soldier


With Harold Greenwood, my pal in the East Lancs. Taken at Bold Venture Park, Darwen, July 1946.

Taken at Alexandria in May 1943. I had just come back from the battles up to Enfidaville in Tunisia and was on two days' leave. I was 26 years old. WW2 soldier story and book.

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My first car was a Morris Ten, registration VN 9248, and had been bought new for 187 pounds and 10 shillings - a lot of money then. Photo taken in 1936 when I was 19. See News update for more.

This photo is believed to be 1st East Lancs, Circa Feb 1945, location possibly Germany. Identified through the clothing and medals being worn.


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