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Link to Geoff's (Wonderful) Search Engine - Try this impressive search engine if you're looking to track a WW2 soldier who was killed in action. It links into the Commonwealth War Graves database but offers a much more sophisticated choice of input fields to search on, including service number. Can't recommend it too highly.

Amazing list of WW2 links. More than just battlefields but covering a range of interests.

Helpful research site for WW2, including Dunkirk and Normandy

Dedicated to the activities of British & Commonwealth forces in the Normandy Campaign of WW2.

A subscription site with a wealth of historical data on WW2,  including D Day and Dunkirk

A free site with photos and memories of the war provided by subscribers

A German war forum, German language, but Google translator works very effectively with it.

Not a war forum as such but an excellent geneological site with a war section on WW2

History re-enactment group

A useful factual resource for the second world war, including Dunkirk and D-Day

Helpful research site for WW2, including Dunkirk and Normandy

The war diary and biography published by Pen and Sword in hard back book. Bill Cheall's epic world war 2 story.