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Dad's first car parked outside his shop in Ann Street, Southbank, Yorkshire in 1936. Picture is the one included in the published book.

Ian Binnie's rebuilt vehicle, decorated for his daughter's wedding

The long bonnet and sleek shape belie the car's age. What a beauty she is! WW2 soldier

The stylish, green bonnet, boot and doors can be seen in this photo

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Dad's Car - News update- World War 2 army diary

The story behind the car in the book

Great Gatsby - Eat yer heart out!

A sunroof was an optional extra! Click below for more on this war story

A view of restoration work being carried out

VN9248 Morris 10 as it is in 2010, mentioned in Bill Cheall's war diary - camping in Devon. Read the story in the book.
Morris Ten car from war diary. Yesterday and today. Don Savage and Bill were camping with this car when war broke out. Read story in the book.
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This is one of the most poignant stories to come out of this website to date - the discovery of my Dad's old car.


When war was declared on Germany, my Dad was on holiday in Devon with some pals and he mentions the car he was driving in his war diary so I put a photograph of the car on this web site in the war photo album. In July 2010, I received an email from Mr Ian Binnie asking me if I had any more information about a Morris 10, reg mark  VN9248. It turned out that Dad's first car, which he owned in 1936 when he was 19, had survived all these years and Ian was the present-day owner. Needless to say, I was really choked by this. My family had no idea that the car had survived and of course, without the internet, it is unlikely we would ever have found out.


Ian, a vintage car enthusiast, had tracked the car down by Googling the registration number. He had bought the car for his daughter's wedding day and gave me some photos of it. I had only ever seen a black and white photograph of it yet here it was in all its glory in full colour - and it had a green bonnet, boot and sides. It also had a sliding sunroof, something else not visible on the earlier photo. Was Dad ahead of his time with this flash motor or what?!.


Evidently, this 74 year-old car is a rarity in the world, but to me it's unique!