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Most treasured war mementos connected with this World War 2 army book,biography and diary

My Green Howards cap badge. Good old Green Howards.

My 50th Division shoulder badge. TT stands for Tyne Tees.

My army knife, with me throughout the war.

My army knife opened up showing "one of those things they use to get stones out of horses' hooves". In reality, we used it to puncture tins of food, or maybe to leaver a stone from a tank track!

My mirror - chrome-plated metal. Always carried this in my pocket over my heart throughout the war.

My shoe brush and spare laces - tied the way they had to be for kit inspection.

My Lance Corporal stripe was worn when I was on duty in my shirt sleeves.

My wounded stripe for the injuries incurred in France after D-Day. This had to be worn on my blouse on the forearm.

The piece of shrapnel which wounded me in the thigh. It was part of an 88mm shell.

My East Lancs cap badge. WW2 soldier, war story

A display showing the hymn book given to me by a Welsh Lady (pictured left) who befriended me. Also shown is my wounded stripe.

The blasted cap badge of my poor pal, Arthur Oxley, killed at Wadi Akarit.

Another view of Arthur's cap badge. I only realised who I had buried when I found his badge and dog tags  afterwards.

The dagger letter opener found in the Mayor of Hamburg's house near the end of the war.

Another view of the above

Another view of the above

Reverse of the above. WW2 soldier.

My corporal stripe displayed with photo taken at Alex with my pal, Charlie Lee, who was killed in Sicily. I wore the stripe when I was in charge of the Police in Germany.

Greeting inside the above. It says "From Leslie Buehler. I was your orderly in the 22 Canadian General Hospital.

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The piece of shrapnel which wounded me, shown against a 50p coin.

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