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Souvenirs of World War 2 army diary and biography

Letter received from the parents of German POW (Prisoner of War) Alfred Becker, thanking him for my kindness. Full story in the book.

To save transport, our letters during the war went through this process and were called Airgraphs. All mail was censored, so you can see there is little detail about what I was doing except the eating!

A bank note given to us before D Day.

A bank note given to us before D Day.

I sent this card to my mother from France in 1940 from Abbeville. Reverse says "Dear Mother, It is a glorious morning and I am enjoying myself fine. Bill xxxxxx"

My record of war service - shows I was in and out of various regiments!

My army war discharge book - marking the end of my story







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Too Young - Typed out by Jack Spooner, my pal in the orderly room at Wrigglesworth - mentioned in my book.