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Fighting Through from Dunkirk to Hamburg - Bill Cheall's war diary & biography - World war 2 army book story

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A WW2 soldier's war diary and book - Bill Cheall saw action at Dunkirk, North Africa, Sicily, First wave on Gold Beach on D Day and Hamburg. He had a Queen Mary voyage to Egypt and was wounded in action in Normandy. 50 Div WW2 soldier. World war 2 diary story and book.

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     Dunkirk - Prologue: Looking for Bray-Dunes 

1.   The Beginning – The Territorial Army – 1939

2.   Call Up

3.   Dunkirk - We Join the British Expeditionary Force

4.  Dunkirk 

5.   Dunkirk - The Aftermath

6.   Dunkirk - We Reorganize

7.   Training Begins

8.   I Am Posted

9.   North Africa - To the Middle East (on the Queen Mary) - Click to see original war diary pages for this story

10. North Africa - Egypt, The Desert

11. North Africa - Back to the Green Howards

12. North Africa - Wadi Akarit, Into Battle

13. Sicily - Preparing

14. Sicily, Into Battle

15. Our Return to England

16. D-Day - Intensive Training (for D-Day)

17. D-Day - Time for Action

18. D-Day - D minus 1 to D-Day

19. D-Day - Grim Determination – D-Day, 6 June 1944

20. D-Day - D plus 1 to D plus 30

21. My Rest Cure

22. Back to Duty

23. Germany - Hamburg and Peace

24. Germany - Oberhausen, Germany

25. Germany - Duisburg, The End of my War story

Epilogue: Back to Normandy, June 1984

Names I Will Always Remember