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Fighting Through From Dunkirk to Hamburg war diary book story find-us-on-facebook

Just one of the Dunkirk heroes - she made three Dunkirk rescue voyages with a total of 2906 troops, incl Bill Cheall

Ships/vessels mentioned this World War 2 army biography and diary book, story

The ship which Bill and his comrades of the 69th Infantry Brigade boarded to go to Normandy for D Day

Link to an account of life on WW2 Landing Craft

Dad's brother Jack was in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Gorelston

Empire Lance ship 6 Battalion boarded on D-Day - WW2 photo, World War 1939 -45, story, book

Empire Lance - D-Day ship

Link to story of Bill's journey on the Queen Mary as a WW2 soldier

Assault craft


Empire Lance


Landing craft


Lady of Mann 


Liberty ship


HMS Gorelston


HMS York


HMT Mauritania


HMT Mooltan


HMT Orontes


HMT Otranto


HMT Tegelburg


Queen Mary


Rocket ship