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Mrs Margaret Jones, from Fairwater, Cardiff. This is one of the ladies who befriended me when I arrived at Cardiff from Dunkirk. She sent  me a small Methodist hymn book when I was stationed at Southwold.

Just after Dunkirk, with my two pals, 1940. We had been through an awful time. I was 22. (Editor's note: Not sure who pals were - could have been Ivor Castor, Les Blowers, John Ryan or others named in the biography).

Mrs Jones, on the right, with her father and sister mentioned with fondness in the war diary. Good example of Dunkirk spirit towards WW2 soldiers. Full story in the book.

Tea and croquet, Highcliffe, July 1940. Jack Cargill (pictured) and I were invited here by these ladies after Dunkirk. Jack went on to become a methodist minister at Stockton. He was a good pal. I remember during the retreat he opened his mouth too wide to yawn and his jaw locked!

Southwold, England, right on the coast. We were billeted here before D Day in requisitioned private hotels on the edge of the small town.

Highcliffe Castle as it looked in 1940 not long after the war started.

Aug 1944. At Dundee Royal Infirmary, wearing my Eighth Army ribbon. I am leaning to one side because of the wound in my other leg. L to R: Top - Peck, Allen, Hunter, Rogers, Underwood Bottom - Broughton, N Fowlis, Turner

The Dochart in Spate, Killin, Scotland. after leaving Dundee Royal Infirmary, I was sent here to recuperate.

As above. The nurses knew we were about to leave so one day called us all out to take snaps of their WW2 soldiers.

Aug 1944. Auchmore House, Killin, Scotland, after leaving Dundee Royal Infirmary.  Full story in the book.


As above.

The Dochart in Spate, Killin, Scotland.

These WW2 photos are memories from war time Britain, when Dad was stationed here either on leave or whilst recuperating after being wounded. A WW2 soldier's war memoir - Bill Cheall started in the Territorials, followed by action at Dunkirk, D-Day (Normandy), Wadi Akarit (Tunisia), Sicilian campaign (Husky), Queen Mary voyage to Egypt, being wounded in action and witnessing post-war Germany devastation. A 50th division (50 Div) soldier, war story

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Photographs from Bill Cheall's World War 1939 - 45 biography, book and war diary

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