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Alex Mill - one of my pals at Mareham-le-Fen. Killed in Sicily in 1943. WW2 soldier

Alex again. Inscribed "To Bill - With Best Wishes, Alex xxx. Dec 1942" WW2 soldier story


Jack Betley, 20, killed in Sicily by machine gun fire 14 July 1943. He came from Halifax. WW2 soldier story

Good old Bristow was the nicest cockney I ever met. He was killed in Sicily. WW2 soldier story

John Bousfield again. His parents ran the Turks Head Hotel in Stockton. I went to see his mother after he was killed.

Tommy Chaffe again, now in the East Lancs.

Hamburg, Germany, October 1945.

My pal, Tommy Chaffe as a Green Howard. 14689898. One of the better Cockneys. March 1945 embarkation leave. Aged 21.

Just after Dunkirk with my two pals, 1940. We had been through an awful time. I was 22 years old. War story.

WW2 Photos - comrades

Photographs from Bill's war diaries and biography - World War 2 army book

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Major Petch - my company commander at Dunkirk. I was his batman for a while. He certainly cared for his boys. Click here for more.

Jack Spooner - my pal from Sheffield, was in the orderly room at Riddlesworth. He typed Lily Marlene for me. He survived the  war. Click here for more ...

John Bousfield - a good pal. Killed by a stray shell on 6 April 1943 in the Wadi Akarit battle. Aged 19. Click See here for more ...

The above war  photos are all WW2 comrades of Dad's. His World War 1939-45 autobiography started in the Territorials. He was evacuated at Dunkirk and went on to fight on D-Day (Normandy) and several other battles, including Wadi Akarit, and Siciliy.  He had a memorable Queen Mary voyage to Egypt. He was wounded in action and witnessed post-war Germany's devastation. He was a 50th division (50 Div) soldier, amongst others. For more details about his war, you may find further help at the index page. World War 1939-45.