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A Japanese WW2  soldier who continued fighting WW2 29 Years after the Japanese surrendered, because he didn’t know


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Fascinating, specially selected war stories which I come across from time-to-time. Some are connected with Bill Cheall's war.

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"This was an attack in the middle of the night under an artillery barrage, creeping barrage. They were firing the shells - our own people - ahead of us and lifting the range as we advanced with red tracer shells on either flank... We walked into this hail of machine-gun fire. We all dropped flat onto the ground. I remember the Adjutant firing with his revolver which immediately brought a death-dealing volley of fire from the machine gun, and that is where he finished. I saw somebody else to my left and he too, I saw him killed."  Link located at www.war-experience.org.


War story about Arthur Barraclough who was captured in Sicily in 1943 and later escaped.

Arthur Barraclough - ww2 soldier
Fighting Through from Dunkirk to Hamburg - A Green Howard's Wartime Memoir - War diary and book - World War 2 army story.
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"A patrol went out that night. L/Cpl. Joe Ryder of Spennymoor went with them. He was a long-term member of 2 Platoon and told us afterwards how they had penetrated the enemy positions and, encountering an enemy patrol, had lain doggo. A member of the enemy patrol had put a foot on Joe's hand as he lay there. Both men knew that if either of them raised the alarm they would be dead, so they ignored one another, and the moment passed."


Brian Moss story from Wadi Akarit, April 1943