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Qassasin camp in Egypt was described by Wilf Shaw as a god-forsaken place. Below are more wonderful photos from Wilf - illustrating comrades at Qassasin camp in North Africa.


My Dad Bill Cheall described this camp in his WW2 memoirs -


"[In Jan 1943] We ended up at a large, tented camp about a mile west of the Suez Canal, which was the main British military base in Egypt, Qassasin Camp, and it was indeed just that, there were very few brick-built buildings. Qassasin was described as ‘that bugbear of all British troops newly arrived in the Middle East.’ It was alleged, if you hadn’t already got ‘jippy tummy’, this was the place you could expect it. There were swarms of thousands of flies and when we were eating or drinking they would settle on our lips and we had to constantly wave them off our food."

Qassasin Camp, Egypt

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