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"Words of war, Words of Peace" - This was my contribution to a book published by Oldham library some years ago.


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Press coverage of 22 year old Wilf being wounded in action twice in 1942 ...


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Some of Wilf's family history.


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Grandad Thomas Shaw (Royal Marine Labour Corps) - war diary photos, World War 1939, war book, story

Wilf's war diary - miscellaneous souvenirs and stories

A WW2 Soldiers prayer - war poem from Wilf's war memoirs, World War 1939, war book, story, diary

This anonymous poem was blown by the wind into a slit trench at El Aghella during a heavy bombardment.

These are my mother and sister and grandmother, all of whom have the christian name Lily. My grandmother was just the loveliest person I ever knew. At one period of her life she had to go in the workhouse and my mother, her sister and her brother were put in a home - it was known as " The Scattered Homes" Aren't they lovely photo's?


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father at Peas Pottage Camp 1915 - war photo, World War, war book, story & diary
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